Master 160 HOURS  TEFL Course

Our 160 hour online TEFL course will give you the teaching standards necessary towards gaining a recognised TEFL certification. Gaining a TEFL qualification gives you a passport to travel the world teaching English as a foreign language.

Why choose the 160 hour TEFL Course?


This 160-hour online Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course covers the key principles and techniques of teaching English in the Core Module.

This TEFL course will introduce you to the concept of teaching English that allows you to adapt to different cultures and environments. You will be able to identify the qualities and skills you will need to be regarded as a professional English teacher in all settings, whether inside the school premises or outside as an individual interacting with other locals, teacher and parents. Know what to expect on the first day of teaching and how to prepare for you to gain confidence and for students to look forward to the following learning sessions with you.

Be familiar with the different teaching approach that addresses the different aspects of learners: speaking, listening, writing and reading. Sample activities that have been proven to be effective are also listed and described for you to use during lecture sessions and some you may give as additional learning guides for students to take home.

Planning is an essential part of TEFL as it allows you and the students to anticipate what is expected from each based on the activities. Creating a lesson plan in advance allows you to manage your time with the students which maximizes their learning and also increases their confidence in you. Be guided in reaching the ideal final goal for a class or group of students by preparing a framework for your teaching.

This course also includes additional units for Teaching Young Learners and Teaching Business English. Teaching Young Learners gives additional pointers on how to address their level of learning and what procedures you may use, adapt and apply to focus on their development together with learning activities that they will also enjoy. The unit Teaching Business English focuses on how students may use English in different mediums in the working environment such as in meetings, presentations, telephone conversations and written correspondence. This allows you to help learners prepare the use of their English skills in real-life settings and for their future careers. Expand your TEFL knowledge with this 160-hour TEFL training programme. With the breadth of topics taught during this course, you will be well-prepared for teaching in any situation

The Course Wil Cover:

Module 1
  • Course Outline
  • Becoming an Effective Teacher
  • Defining the Profession
  • Identifying Qualities of a Good Teacher
  • Knowing the Language of the Profession
  • The Teaching Process
Module 2
  • Teacher’s Roles
  • Autonomous Learning
  • Experiential Learning
  • Classroom Activities
  • Learner Differences
Module 3
  • Cultural Differences
  • Defining Culture
  • Understanding other cultures
  • Language Barrier
  • Nonverbal Communication
Module 4
  • Teaching approach and methods
  • Teaching Techniques
  • Traditional Teaching Methods
  • Contemporary Teaching Methods
Module 5
  • Introduction to Lesson Planning
  • Why Plan Lessons
  • When to Plan
  • Introduction to Assessment
  • Assessing Writing, reading,listening and speaking
Module 6
  • Teaching Vocabulary
  • Word Roots
  • Grammar Teaching Ideas
  • Knowing words
Module 7
  • Types of Listening
  • Listening Lesson Planning
  • Teaching Listening Skills
  • Intensive & Extensive Reading
Module 8
  • Teaching Speaking
  • Teaching Pronunciation
  • Pronunciation Techniques
  • The Process Approach to Writing
Module 9
  • Visual Learning
  • Visual Aids For Students
  • Using The Internet Effectively
  • Use Songs As A Teaching Tool
Module 10
  • Classroom Management
  • Arrange A Classroom
  • Establish A Presence As A Teacher
  • Class Management Practices
Module 11
  • Teaching Young Learners
  • Different Age Groups
  • Listening And Speaking To Young Learners
  • Total Physical Response
Module 12
  • Business English
  • Speaking Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Non-verbal Communication

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